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Black Hills, South Dakota Rifle Public Land Elk Hunt

Tiffany's Elk Hunt Of A Lifetime.

After 14 years of applying, in 2017, I finally drew a tag for Black Hills elk. In our family, you don’t take this news lightly! It was decided that my dad and my husband would come along with me and we each took a week of vacation. My mom’s cousins offered to allow us to stay at their cabin and one of them would come along on our hunt to help scout. (Click Here To Continue Reading)

snow goose hunting
South Dakota Spring Snow Goose Season 2021

Ryan's Spring Snow Goose Hunt 2021

Its the morning of March 6, 2021 and my hunting buddy Matt and I decide we will get up early and head out to try and jump some groups of snow geese that were in the area. I had contacted him the night before letting him know the numbers of birds that I had seen the day before. We hit the road and headed west of Madison, SD. We were seeing lots of birds right after sunrise but were having the problem with birds being jumpy and constantly moving. (Click Here To Continue Reading)

South Dakota Has A Lot To Offer Hunters

South Dakota is home to some of the best hunting in the world. Weather you have lived in South Dakota your entire life or just enjoy hunting in South Dakota it is an amazing place to hunt. South Dakota is home to nearly every type of hunting provided in North America.

Self Guided Hunts

There is ample public ground in South Dakota for any type of hunt. If you are looking to self guide your hunt it can be done easily. 

Guided Hunts

Some people may choose to do guided hunts. South Dakota hunting guides are some of the hardest working individuals in the state. They are the best at getting you on whatever game animal it is you desire. 

Hunting Preserves

South Dakota is also home to several hunting preserves. These preserves provide world class experiences in the field while also providing world class lodging and amenities. As this website continues to grow we will be providing you with several different articles on these services.

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